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Yudi "YuCa" Caneda

I'm an independent visual artist who started creating at the age of six. All the visual art on canvas on this site is my own. An avid fan of the concept of the Oracle in general, I started my training in Tarot reading and other forms of divination at an early age as well. An established practitioner of neo-paganism I identify with the profound organic connection we all share (with each other, with nature, and with the various concepts of divinity). My goal is to explore that organic relationship to its absolute full potential through the lens of art. I fail often I admit, but I desire so much more than the dichotomy we are given to process of good and evil, success and failure, absolutes and well... Vodka. I could not resist (low-hanging fruit in the curvatures of language, I do not drink I must clarify)! In addition to being the crafter (I make the soaps,  the candles, the paintings, and the sad jokes),I am also part owner of D'Studios and the happy mom of 2 incredibly cute children.


Giovanni "G. la Belles-Lettre" Turner

G.'s creative force is instrumental in all aspects of the work we do at D'Studios! Independent musician, accomplished lawyer, and expert Tarot lecturer he brings an explosive flair of creativity and novelty to our team that simply cannot be replicated. G. is also part owner of DStudios along with wife YuCa (see above). His most recent album, 4! (Four Factorial), is an innovative album where each track is written and produced to play in any order and maintain the sound and feel of one continuous, extended play song. 4! (Four Factorial) is available on iTunes and Amazon Music.